Solution For “No tables found in database” Mysql Error In phpMyAdmin

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Are you having the “No tables found in database” error where accessing them via phpmyadmin is not possible while the websites or blogs runs perfectly without any problem? The pulldown correctly lists the number of tables next to the database name [example: “blogA (13)” and blogB (18)] in the pulldown.

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Solution For

If your phpMyAdmin no longer sees any tables in any of your local databases, that is because permissions change away from mysql.mysql on any database directory under /var/lib/mysql to, say, root.root (most probably).

Long story short, you will have to change the owner from root.root to mysql.mysql, to do this, you’ll need root access and putty. Key in this command.

chown -R mysql.mysql /var/lib/mysql/*

This will most probably solve your ‘No Table Found’ problem, it took me much searching and trial and error to resolve this issue, not to mention growing a really long beard while waiting for your web hosting to figure out the problem, let alone replying you. Cheers.